Our survey

The Brief

Marwood Surveyors approached us in 2021 to create a slick new look for their brand, along with designing and building a new website. Their original brand was 8 years old, and was developed to ‘fit’ with their former parent company ‘Marwood Homes’.

When Marwood Homes ceased trading, the time was right for a complete rebrand, and for Marwood Surveyors to boldly stand alone in the marketplace and create its own new legacy.

They also needed a new website to showcase their evolved service menu, to feature their bigger team, and to provide a new and improved online booking facility.

Skills Needed

Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Development
Digital Strategy
Social Media

The Solution

The new logo features the symbol of a ‘Map Pointer’ (a symbol widely known for showing a geographic position on a smartphone). By slicing it in half and placing a rotated version on top, we were able to create a very quirky and unique ‘M’ character. The bold red gradient, and sturdy ‘Graphie’ Sans Serif font make this a very nice modern concept.

Marwood Surveyors have achieved a website that looks the bomb, and its services pages are easy to navigate. This allows customers to click through to their destination in no time. The website also features cleverly woven CTA buttons – encouraging people to get a quote and book online.