Lights, camera

The Brief

Ark Media came to us with 3 different requests and this really highlights our strength in supplying multiple services to our clients… 1. They required a new custom portal for their retained customers to login and review the progress of their video projects and to also see how many credits they are using. 2. They also needed SEO for their current website and 3. They needed their existing website and the new portal hosted on fast UK based servers.

Skills Needed

Web Development

The Solution

We have built a completely new and custom portal for Ark Media which allows their customers to login and interact in the way they required. It’s been built with a PHP framework and fully branded so that it feels like an Ark product. We are also now supplying SEO for the main website and hope to soon be ranking them for Video Production Birmingham. And we are also hosting both the website and portal on our super fast UK based web servers.