We build Ad campaigns that make a real difference.

Whether you’re a new or small business looking to grow, or a larger business looking to expand on your current reach, there is a place for PPC in your marketing strategy as you can simply jump the queue and instantly get in front of people who are much more likely to become a customer.

Our SEO / PPC specialist, Luke, is our resident “PPC Pro” and a certified Google Ad Partner for being able to create, grow & maintain advertising campaigns that are cost-effective and actually get results. He’s worked with businesses of varying sizes, all trying to achieve vastly different things, to great success.

Which PPC platform we’d recommend you use greatly depends on what sector your business is in, as if you’re B2B for example, LinkedIn may be more suited than Facebook would. Alternatively, if you have an e-commerce store, then you’re going to get a much higher rate of interest on Instragram rather than Google ads. Regardless of what platform we use, you are promised 3 things:

  • Agency with an excellent track record
  • Unrivalled communication & reporting
  • Friendly team who genuinely wants to help

A successful PPC campaign could potentially be your biggest asset, and it lends itself to introducing other key marketing principles that also help give your business that boost you’ve been searching for.

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Our survey says

Swof Media are great Steve has been brilliant they have helped build our website and manage our Google Ads and SEO. We are really happy thank you guys.

Andy Holmes, HMS