Graphic Design

Show off with stunning graphics that can’t be ignored.

Graphic design is more than just the aesthetics, it’s how you communicate and display your brand to your audience. That is why, here at Swof, we like to make sure the designs we produce align with your business’s vision and ethos. Great designs start with clear communication between your business and our Lead Creative.

We’ll mix our creative passion and flair, with your ideas, to produce some exciting graphics for your business. Use our designs to help consumers identify you, and to communicate your unique brand message.

Every business has a story to tell, so let us help you tell yours through design.

Latest Graphic Design Project

Leaving our mark
on trademarks

Swof are first class. Technically, creatively and professionally they are first class (which I suppose is kind of a given) but they are lovely, honest and hard-working people and that’s what makes them different to other agencies – their people are their USP, their people are their differentiator. Where ever I end up professionally (and personally!) I will always take Swof with me as a supplier (so long as they will have me as a client!). I’ve dealt with most of the team over the years but these days I deal mainly with Rich on creative. I pride myself on a half decent brief, but even when words and ideas fail me, he somehow just knows exactly what is needed – he offers me solutions, not more problems, which is a truly brilliant skill. He is my all time go to gifted creative and we have a laugh – he brightens up my day, even over email. And when all is said and done, you simply can’t meet a nicer guy than Steve, Mr Swof! He’s building an empire and long-may he thrive in it. Power up kids!

Barker Brettell
Kathryn Small