Online sales are limitless with our e-commerce expertise.

The customer journey is what enables ecommerce to be so powerful, as the whole objective is to get a user from A to B, in as few steps as possible, while also giving them everything they need. This can be achieved by adding in streamlined payment options, personalised recommendations, ecommerce specific features such as quick checkout, wishlists or product specific reviews. It’s these features that fulfill every need your users may have, giving them less reason to click away.

The first part of creating a successful ecommerce strategy to take a close look at where people are actually landing. For example, users could be landing on an alternative page to your homepage. Our team would advocate running a “digital fine comb” through your website – enabling you to understand whether or not you’re promoting your ‘best self’ across the relevant areas of your website, in line with the most popular landing destinations.

Imagine every order you received generated 10-15% more revenue, wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s more possible than you might imagine. “Ecommerce hacks” such as promoting related products, upselling, and bundling your inventory together, all contribute to increasing your revenue. If a user is searching for something specific, they are much more likely to add additional products to their basket if they are hyper-related to their core purchase.

Beyond this, we have the specialist ‘know-how’ to enhance your customer retention, develop your databases, and strengthen your brand prowess – as these are fundamental to maximising your ecommerce strategy.

Latest E-commerce Project

The need for speed

Steve and Mark at Swof were brilliant from start to finish, and beyond! The whole process of briefing them, feeding back on designs, making changes and going live was easy. They took everything on board, no matter how tricky or demanding we were and nothing was too much trouble! Going forward we know that the team will be there should we need them and we’re extremely happy with the finished result.

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