Benefits of a mobile friendly website

Did you know? There are more mobile users than desktop internet users.

There are 3.5 billion global mobile internet users as of August 2017.

There are many trends that are circulating around the internet but the one that is undeniable is how much mobile friendly traffic there is in comparison to years ago. In 2016, mobile devices alone accounted for £1.2 trillion pounds worth of revenue around the world. Although there are many sales, marketing and product factors of this, the one thing the top earning e-commerce websites have in common, is an amazing mobile responsive website. What are the benefits of this? Let us tell you what we think.

1. More accessible

Probably the most important factor of this is that your website will be able to provide its service, generate sales and engage with your target audience in a way that you may not have before. The average attention span of an average online consumer is somewhere between 4-8 seconds. Meaning that if this person is not getting the service, product or information they require in that space of time, they’re more than likely to click away. This is where a mobile optimised website comes into play. Mobile friendly design and layout is carefully considered and the placement of your crucial information is placed in a prominent enough position to help prevent this. In turn, enticing more people on a tablet or mobile device to engage with you.

2. Convert more traffic

Similar to the first point, once somebody lands on your mobile responsive website, they are generally going to feel more comfortable in the knowledge they are in the hands of a professional company who care about their brand and spend time in making the customer experience as smooth as possible. From here, this may then compel them to take action that they may not have previously, whether that is make a purchase, get in contact or even refer you to a friend or loved one. Mobile friendly is the key.

3. Google loves mobile responsive websites

If you’ve ever sat and wondered why your website is ranking so low on google listings and you aren’t reaching the first page, although SEO is another topic for another time, having a mobile responsive website is a sure way of making a start and putting a tick in one of Google’s many criteria for website ranking. Potentially increasing the amount of organic traffic reaching your website.

Ever heard of AdWords or PPC? This falls into the category of google rankings, we also did an introductory guide to this, here.

We’ve created lots of mobile responsive websites! Want to see for yourself?