Is your website cookie compliant?

Is your website cookie compliant?

Is your website cookie compliant?

On 26th May 2012 an EU law on website cookie use came into effect in the UK. If you have not taken action your website could be breaking the law.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites leave on your computer that contain information about your browsing session (e.g. which pages you visited). The vast majority of websites use cookies, if you are not sure if your website does, it probably does.

What is the UK cookie law?

The law is the UK’s interpretation of the EU’s “e-Privacy” directive which covers the use of website cookies. The law came into affect on 26th May 2012 and states that all websites that use cookies (or other user tracking) must get consent from the user.  The UK is adopting an “implied consent” approach which means that as long as the use is aware of the cookies it is assumed that they consent to their use if they continue to use the website.

How can you comply with the law?

We can help to make sure your website is compliant. We Will…

  • Perform a cookie audit of your website
  • Help you create a cookie policy page
  • Install a cookie compliance tool on your website
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