The Importance Of E-Commerce

The Importance Of E-Commerce

The Importance Of E-Commerce

The importance of the e-commerce user experience

One of the biggest challenges facing online retailers is attracting more visitors and improving conversion rates. This may seem obvious and of course it is, but the route to achieving this can be more complex than you think. You will know yourself how frustrating it is when you are trying to buy something online and then everything just slows down, buffering starts to happen, and the whole use experience just starts to fall apart. Frustrated consumers ultimately vote with their feet….or should we say fingers…and they will search another online retailer who can deliver the sales transaction in a quicker, simpler way. To stop this from happening you need to have a well thought and well executed e-commerce strategy.

There is no single key to a successful e-commerce strategy, there are a set of keys that you need to have in order to get success. These are SEO strategies, mobile commerce strategies, an appropriate e-commerce platform and user-friendly website functionality. If you can get these right then you’re on the right path.

The savvy consumer

An important thing to remember is that today’s consumer is more savvy in the way they use the internet for purchasing. They will conduct research before deciding to buy so you need to place your business in a prominent position to stand a chance of getting the business. Consumers can also be very fickle and it doesn’t take much of an incentive to steer them to the competition.

Today’s consumer also expects their online journey to be seamless across the various digital platforms. For example, if they have carried out their research on a smartphone and then decide to buy through an app or through their tablet then it is crucial that you make the journey easy, that no confusion is caused, and the process is pain-free. If it becomes too complex your customers will disengage from the process and go elsewhere, probably never to return.

Managing the customer experience

 Whether your customers engage with you through mobile, an app, your website, through social media or email marketing, then the customer experience is vital.

At Swof Media we understand this and when we work with our clients on their e-commerce strategies we make sure that no stone is unturned when it comes to ensuring that your customers will enjoy the best possible experience when they land on your website.

One of the first things we test is that your website is easy to navigate in all the popular browsers. You’d be surprised how many online retailers haven’t done this and lose customers because of it. Testing through mobile browsers is also crucial because around 30% of your online traffic will be coming this way.

From experience, we also know the tricks of the trade that increase sales such as hiding main menus when you are going through the checkout process and making sure that there are no unnecessary distractions. This, together with ensuring that you have SSL certification for secure shopping and that you can use reputable merchants such as Paypal or Sagepay for your sales transactions are all part of having an e-commerce platform that people can trust and feel safe when online shopping.

Other important considerations

The effectiveness of your e-commerce presence is not only about the build of your website. There are other important factors as well. These include posting articles to your website, using video, providing added value information, including Facebook or Twitter feeds and maintaining a blog. These will increase traffic, power your SEO and bring you the visitors and conversions that you need.

The strength of your SEO, the user experience you give your customers, the quality of your e-commerce platform and the power of your content are the priorities for any online retailer. If you need help with any of these then Swof Media can support you. Contact us now on 0121 321 6057 to find out more

This is an example of an e-commerce site we have done for a client named ‘Screw Shop’:

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