Case Study: Hired Online Web App

At Swof Media, we strive to create excellent work within the technology and innovation sector. This year we have worked with to help revolutionise the job advertising and application process which directly helps the Birmingham job market.

Our work includes the creation of an advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that has transformed the vacancy processing and application procedures for Our development team worked with various API’s, to create real-time processing of applicants via multiple job boards, streamlining the recruitment workflow providing efficiency and accuracy.

Our ATS not only expedites the process but also enhances UX with a built in CV Viewer. This innovative feature eliminates any need to navigate away from the system to view complete applications, thereby saving time and improving overall usability. Recruiters can also filter applicants quickly and easily by whether they are suitable or not and also shortlist candidates for an interview. Recruiters can also send emails out to candidates from within the ATS and we have created email templates to make it easier for them to communicate with all applicants.

You can get a feel for the new ATS by visiting and you can register for a free account. Listing a job requires job credits to be purchased and we have developed this by integrating the ATS with Woocommerce and Stripe to allow recruiters to securely purchase their credits online.

Security and speed of this ATS were paramount and our DevOps team worked out how to carefully host and secure this system. This includes separating the database server from the web server and using Encryption At Rest to keep the data secure. We also don’t store CVs as files and instead store them as Base64 encoded data to help keep the applicant’s personal data secure.

This technological innovation directly impacts and improves the job sector in Birmingham, by providing a smoother and quicker job listing process for recruiters and more opportunities for job seekers. We hope our commitment to technological excellence is evident in our collaboration with HiredOnline.

Here is testimonial written for us by Chris McQuillan:
“I’ve been relying on Swof Media for more than a year now to craft and maintain a top-notch web application for our online recruitment business. Lukasz and Andrew, our stellar web developers, have masterfully utilised Codeigniter to deliver a robust and scalable web app. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

There are more features and advancements planned for as we go into 2024 such as advanced applicant screening and questionnaires to help recruiters filter their applicants in an even more advanced way. This is a win-win collaboration because it keeps providing work for us in Swof Media and then once the features are released it helps recruiters and then in turn helps job seekers in and around Birmingham.

We are also currently exploring how AI (artificial intelligence) can enhance this ATS even further. Such as integrating with ChatGPT to assist with writing a job description based on the prompt of the job title and level. We are excited by these possibilities and how they can benefit the users of the system.