Case Study: AURa web app

MorServ provide risk management services and they approached Swof Media with an idea for a software concept that allowed businesses to take control of their risk in a simple to use platform. The name of this software platform is called AURa which stands for Active, Understand, Respond and achieve. AURa brings together a series of interconnected models, that allow organisations to easily manage their risks in one place.

MorServ gave Swof Media the challenge of developing AURa from scratch. We needed to use the latest web technology to create all of the modules required, and then wrap everything into a software as a service (SaaS) subscription making it easy for businesses to choose the plan they need.

The key features of AURa include: business assessments, scenario modelling, incident management, action management, a learning portal and lots of reporting. To enhance the software further and make it something businesses would use and integrate every day we have also included a document management facility and also a chat function allowing them to communicate using the platform.

There are some key sectors that AURa is particularly useful for and one of these is the Care sector. Care homes and care services are regulated by the CQC (CareQualityCommission) and the AURa Care version makes it easier for organisations who need to be CQC Compliant.

We developed the AURa software to use a series of easy-to-use risk models so that users can link their CQC assessments to their business practices. It helps them model any scenarios so that they know how they would respond to different issues (such as the Covid pandemic). We believe AURa is unique and has innovated risk management by providing a fast, simple yet powerful software platform that actually makes managing your business risk enjoyable to do.

Here is a testimonial from Jason Moseley at MorServ: “We have worked with SWOF Media since April last year on designing and building our AURa risk management digital solution. Steve and the gang have been incredibly agile and flexible in dealing with us and have designed and built a solid first iteration of the App which we look forward to developing further. We have had excellent value for our money and would recommend SWOF Media to anyone for your digital and website needs”

You can see AURa for yourself if you would like to by visiting: